Come on board!! Discover in our displays how in 1854 the first public railway service in Australia was opened and ran from Goolwa to Pt Elliot with horse drawn carriages, Because it was cheaper! See how they carried cargo from the Paddle Steamers in Goolwa to the ships sailing to Europe and America firstly in Pt Elliot and then changed to Victor Harbor. Find out why that happened.

See how the line was also extended along the newly built Causeway connecting Victoria Pier to Granite Island to aid in loading and unloading the cargo on the wharves. See displays of Port Victor as a thriving export and import harbour. It serviced American and European clippers for nearly 20 years.

 Discover what happened to Victor when the railway was built from Morgan direct to Adelaide, and Port Adelaide took over as the international port for South Australia instead.

Relive Victor Harbor as the popular destination for holiday makers from Adelaide and surrounding regions.

So, take a journey through our gallery and discover how tourists travelled from Adelaide by rail to Strathalbyn, Goolwa and then on to Victor Harbor. Their seaside get away,