Have a look at the Boom Times in Victor Harbor as it became a popular seaside destination. Starting when the highly influential Hay family built their summer house Mt Breckan on top of the hill overlooking Victor Harbor. You can’t miss it as you drive in from Adelaide.

Find out how unfortunately, their dynasty came to an end with a fire and then a shipwreck. Discover how Mt Breckan rose from the ashes to continue its legacy. A coup for the museum is that we have the original portraits of Mr and Mrs Hay from Mt Breckan on display in our gallery. So impressed with Victor Harbor were their high society friends that many more followed and built their getaway homes in and around Victor, not as grand but still impressive, see which ones are still standing today.

Look back in time at how the town provided summertime entertainment that kept the tourists returning and enjoying what the area had to offer. Boating, fishing, sailing, bathing, musicals, dances, sports, racing, tours, picnics, and plenty of seaside activities.

Imagine promenading over the Causeway or riding the horse tram, taking the chairlift to the top of the Island and bathing in the clear waters of the bay as you move through our galleries… you will see there have been changes over the years but Victor Harbor still remains a popular seaside destination!

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