Whaling can be a contentious issue today, see how it was also contentious back in the 1800’s when whaling first started in waters of Ramindjeri Country.
South Australia was emerging as a colony, see how whaling became a vital export industry to help fund the colony’s development and growth.

See how the line was also extended along the newly built Causeway connecting Victoria Pier to Granite Island to aid in loading and unloading the cargo on the wharves. See displays of Port Victor as a thriving export and import harbour. It serviced American and European clippers for nearly 20 years.

Discover where the two whaling stations were established on the bay and where the lookouts kept watch for whales. See how the whalers and their boats were always prepared and in readiness.

Find out how the whalers a rough, physically tough and some with murky pasts manned the boats and battled the elements to reach their prize. See how, the harpoon so heavy, they had to pull up alongside the whale for the harpooner to lodge the final blow. Do you know what a Piggin or a Clumsy Cleat is? To find this out and more you need to see our display.

Walking through this gallery you will see how whaling in Victor Harbor was carried out as an Onshore process. See what a tripot is and how the whale oil was barrelled up and exported.
Did you know that the dried out remains of the blubber were called ‘crackling’? Not to eat but to burn under the pots instead of wood. Why were the whale products so valuable and sought after by people back then?
This and more are there for you to discover in our displays.