Museum Meeting Room

Why call it a meeting room? Well apart from the fact that the Victor Harbor National Trust hold their committee meetings here, the furniture (table and chairs) are from the original District Council of Encounter Bay chambers. These days they are called the Victor Harbor Council.

  • There are many photos of Council members over the years, the main photo is of Mr Bert Warland, District Clerk of Encounter Bay and Victor Harbor Councils for 50 years. The Warland family resided here for a few years in the early 1900s. Warland Reserve is adjacent to the National Trust.
  • Victor Harbor Branch of the National Trust had the cupboards made when they were given the building in 1986/7.
  • Photo of Mt Breckan – three stages of its life:  Air force training camp during 1940’s;  has changed ownership many times the last few years; building has been turned into units and dwellings are being built in the surrounding grounds.
  • The trunk was used by families for their possessions when coming to Australia by ship.
  • The gramophone was very popular in 1930’s and 40’s. It was hand wound clockwork mechanism and in good condition may get through a couple of records before running out.
  • There are several handcrafted items made by local aboriginal folk.
  • National Trust continues to receive donations but, because of space, we try to limit acceptances to items of local provenance. One of the most exciting donations in 2019 was that of a Cornish and Co Pump Organ which was made in Washington, New Jersey and came to Encounter Bay as a mail order. It has belonged to four generations of the Rumbelow family, the first owner in the early 1900s being Alfreda Rumbelow. It is a beautiful piece of furniture with a mirror and elaborate carving. Leah Tapscott, the donor, also included a Grandmother chair which has found a place in the Mt Breckan room, as well as two beautiful Gregory vases.
  • 20160916_134257-1
    Basket woven by local aboriginal women.