Museum Gallery 3

A changing place.

  • Railway lines were built from upstream River Murray direct to Port Adelaide and Victor lost most of its shipping trade.
  • However, the train line also came to Victor Harbor and in the early 1900s brought thousands of tourists as can be seen in the photos.
  • Wealthy people built “Holiday Homes” to get a summer break from the Adelaide heat. The glassed room is a replica of the Mt Breckan summer room where the Hay family spent their leisure time.
  • Agnes Hay made 18 journeys between England and Australia, most by sailing ship as part of her social life- nearly nine years on the sea.
  • The last journey was on the new steamship, Waratah, which disappeared of the coast of South Africa with a total loss of life.
  • The rich provided employment but there was a huge social gap when compared to farming and fishing folk.