Museum Gallery 1

  • Learn about the inhabitants pre-white settlement. Did you know that they built rock walls in the sea so that fish could swim in at high tide and get trapped (for food) at low tide. One still remains a few kilometres to the west of here.
  • Find out why Encounter Bay got its name.
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    A glimpse of the log from the Investigator 8th April 1802. H – Hours, K – knots, F – Fathoms?
  • Did you know we were nearly a French speaking nation. Look at the maps by the doorway to locate Gulf Josephine and Gulf Bonaparte. What happened? Many capes and bays around the SE of our state and in particular Kangaroo Island, have French names. Here we are on Fleurieu Peninsula, named after Charles Pierre Claret de Fleurieu, the French explorer and hydrographer by Nicolas Baudin. In 1911 the name came into use after Count Alphone de Fleurieu, great-nephew of Charles, made representation for some places unnamed by Flinders, be named using those by proposed by Baudin.