Museum Dining Room



  • The room depicts our Guest Home days in the 1940-50’s era. These days, most of the guest houses are long gone and the trend now is to hire a holiday house.
  • Dining table would be set for three meals a day, using their own specially made china.  Note some mantle pieces with the guest home names.
  • Named the Christina Baaner Room after the lady who built the first guest home in Victor Harbor, and named it “Gertymore”, now units in Crozier Road.
  • The silver cup trophy was given to us by descendants of the Baaner family, living in N.S.W.  It was won by Oliver Baaner in 1914 for winning it three times in a “Small Bore Rifle” shoot competition.
  • The lead light name of “Inverary” was discovered by Dr Brookman in a second hand place in Adelaide, and had it restored.
  • 20160916_134500-1
    “Inverary” guest house consisted of three houses in Ocean Street, and this lead light name was over the dining room door.
  • The Victor Harbor souvenir dishes were very popular in the 1940’s.
  • The water fountain (on the heath) would have been on a wood stove, kept filled with water for a hot water service.