Discovery Centre Galleries

Our Discovery Centre has three display galleries. They lead you through Victor Harbor’s history. It is a transition from before white settlement to the establishment of Victor Harbor as a tourist town. See how the indigenous people lived. Look at an Encounter that could have been the first sea battle in Australia. It turned out to be a friendly chat over breakfast. See one of our states first industries and exports. Then follow it through to what became Australia’s main export for so many years. Victor Harbor was a major centre for this activity.  As trade declined, amazingly it turned into a town where the population swelled by more than double at certain times. Today that still occurs. Schoolies and the Summer Holiday season are examples this.


Discovery Whaling

Whaling in the nineteenth century

Display Galleries include:

The Encounter between French and English explorers

Discovery WoolBales

Bales of wool

The Old Whaling Days

River trade and the   establishment as Port Victor

Coming of the trains and turning into a holiday destination.

Discovery Railways