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MARCH 22nd 2018  We had a big celebration for the 20th anniversary of our front building which houses the gift shop and museum entrance leading into the three galleries which display local history from 1800 to 1900. There were many dignitaries at the afternoon gathering and after speeches and anecdotes of the establishing of the building, the time concluded with afternoon tea and a special celebration cake that was cut by one of the founding and long standing members, Margaret Zilm. A new veranda with signage and a freshly painted reception area were finished in time for the celebrations.

DECEMBER Thu 14th 2017      CHRISTMAS LUNCH  was held at the Victor Hotel with volunteers and members having a great time of fellowship.

NOVEMBER Thu 16th  2017    General Meeting 10.30am    Nat Trust Building, Victor Harbor. We heard all about progress around the property and also the latest display of radios and magnetic recording equipment.

THE 2017 AGM WAS HELD ON AUGUST 17th at 2.00pm at the OLD SCHOOL HOUSE. There was a good turn out despite several members being interstate or on the sick list.
The General meeting followed with updates and progress reports from the local branch.
The General Meeting on Thursday 18th MAY was in the National Trust  at 10.30am in the OLD CUSTOM’S HOUSE. It was a social gathering for people to see  our current display  of Flinders Parade and the changes that have taken place over the past century. More importantly it was an information session regarding the possibility of the National Trust becoming the custodian of a 150 year fishing boat “The Rambler”. Several guests representing SA National Trust, The Rumbelow family (original and now current boat owners) and council representatives also attended.
The last General Meeting on 16th FEBRUARY was held in the National Trust on  at 10.30am in the OLD CUSTOM’S HOUSE.  It was a social gathering for people to see what is happening and what is planned. After morning tea people were able to view our current display.

The last GENERAL MEETING was our Christmas Luncheon held at the Hotel Victor on THURSDAY 8th DECEMBER 2016. It was a great time of fellowship and after 10 years as Chairman and as long again serving on the committee, Mrs Val Brown announced that she was concluding her time on the committee. We are really happy that she is still involved with the shop and the archiving process so you can expect to see her still busy around the Trust for quite some time to come. Thanks Val for your many years of dedicated service and leadership.

The GENERAL MEETING held on FRIDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER was a time of great celebration as we recognised 150 years since the construction of the Customs House (and later Station Masters House). we had many notable guests. They included govt and local govt people as well as people who had lived in or had connection with the building when it was associated with trains or the harbormaster. In addition we had local historians and the afternoon was topped off with a big birthday cake and light tea.

The last GENERAL MEETING was held on THURSDAY AUGUST 18th 
It was our AGM but also had two speakers speaking about the future of the South Australian National Trust. At the conclusion Neville Anderson presented a video of the work being done by Pt Elliot National Trust Branch in conjuction with the university and ground penetrating radar to locate a number of unmarked graves just off of Waterport Road.

The GENERAL MEETING on Thursday 16th June was a curious one. Peter Zanker related tales associated with his childhood and teenage experiences around his father’s brickyard at Port Augusta. We saw photos from the early days (before OH&S), the process of manufacture and many of the building that used the finished bricks..

The GENERAL MEETING on Thursday 21st April  had Special Guest Speaker Bob Korotcoff from Angel Flights  “Help is never far away”  Angel Flights is a charity that co-ordinates non-emergency flights for financially and medically needy people. All flights are free and may involve passengers or compassionate carers travelling to or from medical facilities anywhere in Australia.

The GENERAL MEETING on February 18th 2016 had special speaker ROLY BARTLETT from
THE PADDLESTEAMER  OSCAR W  (108 year old vessel) He spoke about its history, demise, restoration, current use and future plans  as it serves the people in the Goolwa and  Lower Murray area.

The GENERAL MEETING on December 10th was a Christmas Luncheon at the Grosvenor Hotel where there was a great time of fellowship and reflection.

The GENERAL MEETING on November 19th was held in the Old School Building. There was the launch of the book ‘Guest Homes of Victor Harbor’ by Val Brown, (Chair of V.H.N.T.). This edition included some updates and additions, and an essay on Yantoo Warra by Linton Jacobs. It is at this stage a very limited edition, but can be seen at the Discovery Centre, and will be available through both V.H. and Goolwa Libraries. Val and Linton were presented with their personal copies. The main event of the afternoon was a presentation by Pat Uppill, talking about The Shetland Islands. We saw slides of many historic buildings – some going back a couple of thousand years. We also learnt a lot  about island culture

The GENERAL MEETING on 15th October featured special guest Fred Van Gestel, who retold a historic trip of local interest from the last century. It was accompanied with a number of photos and details of historic buildings that were visited along the way

THE GENERAL MEETING on Thursday 17th Sept. at the Victor Harbor National Trust centre was a “Meet & Greet” with Encounter Bay Family History Group
There was a Guided tour of the complex for ECFHG visitors and a talk by Joan Sandford and Val Brown on the value each group brings to the community. Afternoon Tea was shared.