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2021 April Opening Times – Scroll down

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SPECIAL DISPLAY – Items on loan from the Whale Centre which is closed for renovations.

The 150 year old Customs and Stationmaster’s House which features many displays.
Nat Trust Museum and Giftshop
Thursday1APRIL11am to 3pm
Saturday3APRIL11am to 3pm
Sunday4APRIL11am to 3pm
Monday5APRIL11am to 3pm
Wednesday7APRIL11am to 3pm
Thursday8APRIL11am to 3pm
Friday9APRIL11am to 3pm
Saturday10APRIL11am to 3pm
Sunday11APRIL11am to 3pm
Monday12APRIL11am to 3pm
Tuesday13APRIL11am to 3pm
Wednesday14APRIL11am to 3pm
Thursday15APRIL11am to 3pm
Friday16APRIL11am to 3pm
Saturday17APRIL11am to 3pm
Sunday18APRIL11am to 3pm
Monday19APRIL11am to 3pm
Tuesday20APRIL11am to 3pm
Wednesday21APRIL11am to 3pm
Thursday22APRIL11am to 3pm
Friday23APRIL11am to 3pm
Saturday24APRIL11am to 3pm
Sunday25APRIL11am to 3pm
Monday26APRIL11am to 3pm
Wednesday28APRIL11am to 3pm
Thursday29APRIL11am to 3pm
Friday30APRIL11am to 3pm